Saving Computer Space For Your Online Store

Running out of computer space and need to be more organized to make selling online a breeze? Odds are, you have already been using web services to store and share information for you.


Here are five ways where you can get in on the cloud computing experience for free.

All internet based email services are actually using cloud. In a nutshell, if all your emails are stored online and not on your PC, you are already emailing in the cloud. You can also filter these emails via your PC by using program applications such as Microsoft Outlook or Mozilla Thunderbird, but these take up space on your computer. Little that you know, you may be using the free 7 GB of Gmail storage. Gmail is hugely popular because of this. You might also benefit from Gmail's free chat customer (Gchat) designed for casual and easy communication between e-mail correspondents.


Presently there are two big cloud-based document programs. These are Google Docs and docs.com, which is a Microsoft product made to work with Office 2010 and incorporated with Facebook. Both solutions allow for simple sharing, cooperation, and saving from the cloud to conserve space on individual PCs. Google Docs, particularly, has marginally fewer capabilities than Microsoft Word, but it'll most likely get the job done in a pinch with simple design and layout functions.


Services such as Google Calendar may also help you organize with individuals throughout the place, whether or not they have invested in an expensive office software. Furthermore, docs software allows for easy collaboration and sharing. Keep track of blog post schedules in a spreadsheet or work together on a business presentation, even when you are at a distance. Scheduling meetings any time of day become much easier with these services, and now you won't even need to fork out cash in order that everybody has got the same expensive software.

Services such as Flickr, Photobucket, and even Facebook can share your own pictures across the web for you. No more need to mail off compact discs to family and friends, just upload them in the net and your family can download them for free. You are also provided with a simple link, especially from Flickr, to post those images elsewhere on the web. This solves the problem of purchasing your very own web space and storing your pictures on one's own PC. No need to worry about memory card space or PC meltdowns if all your pictures are stored on the web.


Blogs empower you to share your thoughts and pictures with the world on one defined topic or on as much as you like. In case you use services like Blogspot.com or WordPress.com, your blog is basically stored in the cloud without you paying a penny. Customization options are limited for these kinds of blogs. But if you are looking to save some money and at the same time keep your blog, there are not many better ways to do it.