How To Start A Dropshipping Business

Decide on what types of products you would like to drop ship for other companies. For instance, if you are intrigued or fascinated by nutrition and working out, choose vitamins or physical fitness items. According to Entrepreneur.com, research and analyze the Thomas Register of Manufacturers for Producers to look for manufacturers or drop shipping suppliers that sell your type of products. For possible wholesale sources, contact the National Wholesalers Association. Once you have found possible wholesalers, find the markup on products. Select manufacturers that provide you with a 300 percent for 500 percent markup on products, because you might need the massive markup to wholesale your own items.


After choosing a manufacturer and products to drop ship, make an e-commerce website for your dropship company or you may opt to employ a web designer to make one for you. Take great photos of your best items and feature them in your website. Set up for customer calls by recording a brief voicemail greeting for customers to render information such as their name, number, and the best time to call them. Set up your merchandise. Price your items so you attain a 200 percent for 300 percent markup from clients. You could also start to develop a supplier’s kit for all your retail customers with a nominal fee of like $25. Create a manual which includes your telephone number and hours of operation and provide an explanation on how customers should email a shipping fee and label to yours.

Once your website is set, promote your website. Hire an internet search engine optimizer to get your website listed on the first page of main search engines, like Google.com and Lycos.com. Target your listing and advertisement on internet or online sellers. Create a sales letter, booklet and order form for your products. Write about the major advantages of ordering your goods in the sales letter. Also mention about your distributor's kit on your letter and booklet. It will also help to place classified advertisements in major company magazines, including Small Business Opportunities and The Entrepreneur. In your classified ad, state the kind of goods you sell as well as your manufacturer or wholesale provider, business line, and website. Include your telephone number and contact information for potential clients to phone or write for more details.


The bulk of one's business will come from current customers. So keep a database of your clients to offer special deals on products occasionally. Be fair to your clients. Allow them to return damaged product so that they can be reimbursed.