Best Online Marketplaces

What is your current advertising plan for your business? If you haven’t considered digital marketing strategies, you are missing out on a huge bulk of possible sales. Today's consumers are buying a wide range of items online with minimum effort regardless if it's from Amazon, eBay, or from dropshipping websites.


Here are some statistics on consumers shopping activity to help you decide on your marketing strategy.

  • 96% of People in America have made an online purchase in their lifetime using the internet, 80% in the past month alone.
  • 56% of Gen Xers and 67% of Millennials would rather shop in a store
  • 66% of Millennials shop at big merchant websites
  • 51% of seniors have shopped in online marketplaces
  • 30% in online independent boutiques
  • 44% in category-specific online shops

What is Digital Online Marketing?


Digital online marketing is a must tool that small businesses should use. This marketing approach goes by many names like e-commerce marketing, internet marketing, and online marketing which could be defined as the marketing of services or products using digital channels to reach consumers. The objective is to promote brands utilizing the internet. Some digital online marketing channels include websites, social network platforms, e-mail marketing, internet search engine optimization, web blogging, podcasts, and online advertising to mention a few.



Maximize Online Marketplaces For Your Business


Marketing professionals understand the importance of the World Wide Web and how to effectively leverage this opportunity. According to Socialmedia.com, 90% of marketers use the social network for their businesses. Sadly, many small businesses don't recognize this fact. Firms had chosen to bury their heads in the sand. E-Commerce is growing greater than 23% yearly, however, 46% of small American companies do not have an internet website based on Square and Mercury Analytics research.


Digital promotion is a tool for the business professional. Catherine Juan, Donnie Greiling, and Catherine Buerkle, writers of Internet Marketing: Start to Finish, suggest which successful digital online marketing requires plenty of cautious planning. Artificial intelligence is becoming a way of life in promotions. In terms of internet search, buyers are more experienced than ever before with internet access. 81% of shoppers conduct online research before making big purchases.


Mobile will account for 72% of the U.S. Digital ad by 2019. Marketers realize that mobile marketing is an unexploited business tool. 52% of marketing professionals internationally name video as the kind of content with the best ROI.


Faced with hundreds and thousands of competition, small companies need to utilize digital online marketing. Some small businesses can be hesitant to explore digital online marketing because of their lack of trust and understanding of the internet.