Outsourcing and Virtual Assistants

Does it seem like you always have too much to do even if you have the tools to do it like the free eBay dropshipping software? Perhaps it's time to employ virtual assistants.


Why think about outsourcing and hiring assistants? As eCommerce vendors, efficiently & effectively managing our time can be tough especially if you're selling full time on Amazon or eBay and managing your own schedule at the same time. While your company gets bigger, tasks becomes bigger and more demanding of your time. It is at this point that you will need an extra hand to help you meet deadlines and manage your store efficiently.


So how do you decide? Liran Hirschkorn shares her thoughts about this. Virtual assistants can be a way for you to outsource those $5 and $10 tasks so that you can focus on the $100+\hour tasks. 


What Can Virtual Assistants Do for Your eCommerce Business?

Quite a lot, frankly. Write down a list of all of the tasks in your company that may be done online. Are any of these jobs not entirely essential but still needs to be carried out? If so, you are likely able to outsource them. Here are just a few things you may consider outsourcing: 

  • Product research
  • Seller feedback monitoring
  • AMS headline & product display ads
  • Listing monitoring, analyzing, KPIs
  • Marketplace monitoring identifying new competitors, tracking existing competitors market changes
  • Keyword research & identifying new keyword opportunities
  • Advertising, sales, or promotions
  • Managing and tracking coupon codes
  • Planning & scheduling giveaways
  • Amazon PPC campaign management & monitoring
  • Product listing creation
  • Inventory management


These are just a few of the many tasks that you could have virtual assistants to help with.

Where to Find Virtual Assistants?

There are various places to look for virtual assistants. Additionally, there are services that you could use to help find a virtual assistant that fit your needs.


Many of these agencies charge a fee to locate you a VA, while some essentially rent their trained VAs out.


Here are two of our favored sources to find virtual assistants:


Onlinejobs.ph - If you are looking for cost-effective labor, an excellent alternative is finding a Filipino employee. Our favored source is Onlinejobs.ph. Onlinejobs only has virtual assistants within the Philippines where many of them work for $2 - $5/hour. We've hired several digital assistants from Onlinejobs and had good experiences overall.


Upwork - While Upwork is usually best for one-time jobs that freelancers can do, you could also find long-term employees to help you in your business. Sign up for Upwork is free and in terms of payment, simply pay your hired freelancer the amount you have agreed upon plus a standard processing fee on payments. A percentage fee is collected from your freelancer for Upwork to cover costs.