Methods of Dropshipping

E-commerce websites enjoy ample commission and exclusive discount rates on all supported sales. The income stream is determined by how much you can promote on your website and if done properly this may become your primary income source. 


The first question of aspiring drop shippers is how to dropship? Drop shipping is actually promoting products that you don't own and earning from it when a purchase had been made. For you to earn a proper and adequate profit, you'll have to create a drop shipping website while getting the most out of the best e-commerce design practices. There is also the need for you draw the interest of shoppers by tapping into huge social networks. These solutions are the reasons why dropship providers are rewarding you.


There are at least four ways to build a dropshipping site: 

  • By developing a drop ship site with WordPress
  • By the use of Shopify, a website builder that creates impressive dropshipping sites
  • By purchasing pre-loaded websites from sites like dropshiprocket.com
  • By using WooCommerce to make an awesome drop shipping site


WordPress with WooCommerce plugin

The most typical method of creating a drop shipping website is through the use of WordPress with WooCommerce plugin. WordPress is an online website creation tool which is created with MySQL and PHP. WooCommerce plug-in is specifically constructed for WordPress to provide e-commerce attributes that are essential for any drop shipping or online retail shop. 


It was stated in a study that over 39% of online shops are created with WooCommerce. The WooCommerce plugins empower you to construct a beautiful online store with only a few clicks.


Domain Name 

The domain name is your online store’s distinctive address, for instance, www.dropship.com. There are various sites online that you may use to get a website domain name for your websites like NameCheap.com or Godaddy.com. 



Moreover, you can find different website hosting providers on the web. The website hosting is a remote server which the supplier uses to help keep your website data and information. The host also makes your website accessible to your visitors. It is where all the information regarding your website is housed. Probably the most trusted host provider online is called Hostgator, a provider of safe and easy website hosting services. 


For those looking to create a stunning website, Squarespace is an all-in-one platform that provides you with all that you need to run your company. The domain name and the website hosting of your new drop shipping website are rather essential, so select the right domain name and website hosting for your company.