Electronic Gift Cards

Along with the mobile wallet, gift cards provide companies such as drop shipping suppliers with a robust and advanced direct marketing channel which will assist businesses to generate new leads, gain more traffic, and increase client loyalty. When it comes to promoting your brand, offering high-value coupons or free product coupons are excellent marketing tools that may further propel your company reputation.


Many companies are now starting to explore the advantages of moving from traditional coupon cards to digital coupons, like Apple Passbook Passes. Of all the new iOS features for the iPhone, Passbook is one of the most distinctive and different. It is something Apple hasn't touched before: digitized passages in an e-wallet app.


There are already applications available on the market that resemble Passbook. The two applications worth mentioning are Lemon and Belly. Both provide a mix of features that echoes Passbook's features. There's much to benefit from if a business can step up to this requirement.


Apple Passbook is a built-in iOS6 application that came out in 2012, while Microsoft Wallet has been out for some time. Microsoft phones already have NFC and it seems unlikely that the iPhone 5 may have NFC as a feature from initial launch. Apple has entered the smartphone wallet business with a brand new application in iOS 6 called Passbook, a prelude to what could soon become a fully-fledged electronic wallet.


With the Apple brand behind it, it's anticipated that every aspect of mobile payments, ticketing, and discount rates will change forever. Passbook is an iOS 6 application which will be fully incorporated into the most recent iPhone OS.


Apple is allowing businesses to create, manage and distribute Apple approved boarding passes, reward cards, gift cards, incentive cards, and more in a single place. In a comparable fashion to the iOS Books and Newsstand applications,


Apple is providing a native platform that allows company owners to get their business and service offerings in front of iPhone users such as offering businesses the ability to provide tickets, loyalty cards, membership cards and coupons to their clients digitally via their mobile devices.


In the same way that newsstand moved newspaper from the newsstand and paper world, Passbook might potentially do the same for loyalty cards, membership cards, coupons, and even tickets.


With its easy to use interface and the convenience it provides the user and business, will we see this application for building trust between users, business and their phone further enabling the mobile payments industry?


Apple has been incredibly successful at driving new behaviors with regards to using computers, listening to music, utilizing a Phone, but can it do the same with regards to our purses and the stuff that fills up our purses?


Passbook is a built-in application of the iOS6 and will store digital tickets, coupons, cards, and passes in one clean UI on the iPhone and iPod Touch.